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Teckpro is a company that designs and manufactures embedded electronic solutions for our expanding global customer base. Our in house expertise and strategic partnerships allow us to deliver an integrated service from concept design of hardware and software, industrial design through to manufacturing solutions for the most demanding applications.

Our unique combination of embedded and RFID technical expertise coupled with extensive application experience allows us to be a leader in high volume, cost sensitive applications such as industrial, vending, gaming and consumer electronics.


Our aim is to help our customers improve their Return on Investment by getting them to market quicker and at reduced cost and risk by helping them create specialised, connected, embedded devices utilising our technical expertise coupled with our extensive application experience.

Teckpro News Update

23/01/2006 Teckpro launch Sentinel at ATEI Show - find out more now
25/01/2005 Teckpro launch Radstock at ATEI Show
Teckpro Limited launched their Radstock Windows CE Embedded Single Board computer based on the Intel 400MHz Xscale™ Processor with 2 customers at the ATEI Show, Earls Court, London.
14/02/2005 Teckpro start 2005 with a new web site
Teckpro launch their new web site which now reflects the new direction and growth the company is going through.
28/2/2005 Teckpro Launch Radstock PDA Development Kit
Teckpro launched their new Radstock PDA Development kit today.

Teckpro specialises in the design and development of electronic and software products.
We have a wide range of embedded products for companies in both industrial and consumer marketplaces.
Teckpro has the ability to offer a comprehensive Industrial design service through our in-house expertise.
View our full range of assembly, manufacturing and test services available to our customers.

Latest Product: Radstock PDA
The Radstock Windows® CE Embedded Single Board Computer is based around an Intel® 400MHz Xscale™ Processor.

This board is ideal for applications which require low power consumption and high performance such as; Telemetrics, Machine Control, Vending, Gaming and more.

This board supports many standard user interfaces and everything else needed to support Microsoft® Windows® CE.Net Operating System.

You can easily develop your 32 bit applications using Microsoft® eMbedded Visual C++ for native code and, Microsoft® Visual Studio.Net for managed code, then download and debug using USB or Ethernet connections.

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